Care Management

Nurse assisting the elderly coupleDo you need help with care management and arrangements for yourself or a loved one? At Mary’s Help Senior Services, we have care coordinators who can gladly assist you with your Care Management needs. With their help, you can acquire the comprehensive services and support that you need.

Our Care Management service covers:

  • Coordination of Care Between Aides, Nurses, and Therapists
  • Comprehensive Patient Assessment
  • Home Environment and Safety Assessment
  • Medical Care Coordination
  • Care Education for Patient, Family, and Caregivers
  • Consultation for Family Members in relation to the Care Plan for the client

Set An Appointment now and benefit from our Care Management service. If you have other questions and concerns, you can reach us at 707-731-1877.


  • Client Care Manager: (650) 740-8043
    Phone: (707) 731-1877
    Fax: (707) 731-2813
  • 3469 Tennessee St., #301
    Vallejo, CA 94591